Martello Financial Services is pleased to announce that it has completed a management buyout from Blackrock Expert Services (BES). This transaction coincides with Duff & Phelps’ acquisition of BES. Martello founders Richard Moore and James Garvey have purchased the BES’ equity stake in Martello and will continue to manage and grow the business.

Our business approach and philosophy will remain the same. We will continue to source the best possible expert witnesses for each case we are presented with and provide the highest quality expert witness reports and consultation services that the Martello brand has become synonymous with. We will also continue to support the growth that our business has seen since inception, by expanding our expert network and by continuing to evolve our relationships with the legal community and their clients; Martello now comprises more than 150 vetted professionals on its platform with high quality expertise across a broad range of financial service disciplines, including compliance, risk management and audit.

We are also pleased to announce that Martello and Duff & Phelps will continue to work closely together in the future.

Finally, everyone at Martello would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support. We believe this is a hugely exciting time for the business and look forward to the future.