Leading sector expertise across the breadth of financial services

Finding the right subject matter expert can be a challenge for clients and their legal teams.

Martello provides expert witnesses and subject matter experts to support commercial disputes and consulting services across the breadth of financial services.

Financial Services

The financial services industry covers a wide range of products and services, many of which are highly specialised and extremely niche. We provide expert services in:

• Equities

• Fixed income

• Foreign exchange

• Money markets

• Investment fund management and regulation

• Regulation

• Insurance

• Pensions

• Tax

• Compliance

• Risk

• And much more...

Our financial services team was set up by leading industry experts to help lawyers and their clients to identify the right expert, whether it is to advise on case strategy, to supply an expert witness report and give evidence, or to provide industry insight.

Our experts have decades of experience. They are chosen for their sound judgement and deep subject matter knowledge.

Martello’s directors have a deep practical understanding of the banking and financial services sector, allowing us to assist in identifying just the right expert for our clients. Our in-house financial knowledge, combined with the quality of our independent experts and the strengths of our analyst team are a key differentiator in our market.

Martello matches the right expert to the case with the right team.

Financial Services

Combining technical, operational and commercial expertise throughout the Energy sector

Disputes within the energy sector can be complex, high stakes and multi-faceted. Martello’s team of experienced energy industry professionals can help navigate these complexities.


Whilst the energy industry impacts our lives on a daily basis its complexities, and some of the risks involved in energy industry investments, are often only brought to light when a dispute arises. The industry is capital intensive, with single projects often amounting to tens of billions of dollars of investment. Furthermore, given the uncertainties inherent in, for example, reserves estimation, those large-scale investments are often made whilst accepting a degree of risk that can surprise those outside of the industry. Fiscal regimes, legal contracts, financing deals and the very way we do business in the energy sector is always strongly influenced by how we manage risk and uncertainty.

Disputes within this sector require experts with sufficient knowledge and experience to navigate the complexities of the industry, analyse situations and reach supported conclusions. An expert also needs to provide input that is both technically robust and also understandable by the layperson. Martello’s energy experts fulfil both these needs having, typically, more than 25 years of industry experience and previous experience of expert witness work. Our expertise covers matter such as:

  • • Fiscal Regimes and Contracting • Exploration • Reserves Estimation • Field Development Planning and Contracts • Unitisation and Redetermination • Farm-ins/Farm-outs • LNG Technology and Operations (Including Shipping) • Gas Sales and Purchase Agreements • Oil Refining • Product Blending (Including Biofuels) • Power Generation • Transport (Shipping and Pipelines) • Physical Trading and Derivatives • Trading of Carbon Credit and Biofuels

Our experts are supported by Martello management and case management specialists and the quality of our independent experts combined with the strengths of our analyst team are a key differentiator in our market.

Martello matches the right expert to the case with the right team.


Providing Skilled Expertise Across The Commodities Markets

The unprecedented pace of commercial, financial, regulatory, and technological change in commodities markets is affecting the entire supply chain and resulting in a rising number of disputes.


No matter where you sit in the global commodity space, these are challenging times. The impact of the digital revolution, price volatility, the fragility of supply chains and the ever-increasing ESG demands call for better understanding of the underlying markets, tighter risk control, operational excellence and creative financing solutions.

Martello experts have significant experience of trading both physical commodities and related derivatives within investment banks, brokers, producers, distributors, and consumers.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • • Energy
    • - Oil & Gas
    • - Coal
    • - Bio-fuels
    • - Renewables
  • • Base and Precious Metals
  • • Agricultural Commodities
    • - Grains
    • - Oils
    • - Dairy
    • - Coffee
    • - Cocoa
    • - Sugar
    • - Cotton

With decades of experience, our experts are chosen for their sound judgement and deep subject matter knowledge. Across our cohort of vetted experts, we cover the knowledge of producing, buying, selling, and distributing commodities throughout a broad range of jurisdictions, and have significant knowledge of risk management and hedging across a wide variety of products.

We are continually growing our expertise in this area to cover as many commodities as possible so that we can match the right expert to the case with the right team.